Is your business ready for the new normal?

Gear up for the battle against Covid-19
Introducing The Rodella Shield

Its versatile design means it can be placed vertically which is ideal for desktops or horizontally making it ideal for counter tops.

Rodella Shield

Proven most efficient design. Designed for all counters tops and desks, no assembly or installation required.

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Canada Public Health Services Advice for essential retailers during COVID-19:

To prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, the Canadian Government has listed a series of measures for employers and employees. One of those recommendations is;

..."Install physical barriers such as Plexiglas at check out or other service counters to create a barrier between the employees and customers."....

Era frames has teamed up with Zemco Technologies, together we are determined to do our part to help get us through this time, and to help business ease into the new normal. In our effort to adjust and our desire to contribute in the fight against Covid-19, we are pivoting our focus towards health and safety. 

As essential supplies run low due to high demand, in order to help ensure every business has the tools to protect workers and customers, we have secured material and converted all remaining plexiglass into protective plexiglass 'sneeze guard' barriers for all essential workers and retailers.

  • Same day delivery in Montreal and surrounding areas while supplies last.

  • Proven most efficient design based on customer feedback and hands on experience

  • Ready to Use, No installation required

  • Portrait Mode and/or Landscape Mode

  • Proven to protect workers and customers from air borne droplets.

  • Currently used in hundreds of Sales counters, receptionists, take-out counters, office desks, medical clinics, stores, etc…

  • Professional clear acrylic plexiglass

sneeze guard in dentist office.jpg

Horizontal Dimensions

32" x 29" Height


Vertical Dimensions

24" x 37" Height



No Installation Required


Simply Peel the Protection

Assemble legs and stand on counter

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For Era Frames response, operation procedures, and all updated please click here.

For the complete list of advice from Canadian Government Health Services click here.